STEM Track

Brain Teasers

Welcome to The STEM Track

Welcome to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) track! The program here is intended to reach out to those of you who have a mind for the physical sciences to learn why maintaining ethical principles is so important in all of the fields that are related to STEM. Our team is proud to have collected insight from experts in both academia and industry to share their knowledge on the application of ethics into their field or more specific area of expertise. We hope you enjoy!

Brain Teasers to Get You Started!

We have a series of lectures from industry and academic experts prepared for you. Since we don’t have much math in the lectures, we thought you would enjoy displaying your logic skills through five brain teasers just to get you going. They are meant to irritate you and get you thinking clearly going into our track. Please enjoy as you struggle! Don’t peek now but the answers will be posted at the end. Never good to peak too early!


Carefully observe this image

We hope you enjoyed this challenge. Studies suggest that stimulating the cognitive function of the brain in some critical thinking before any attempt to gather new insight results in greater takeaways. We also hope this lit a small fire under you as an attempt to challenge your competence and ignite the competitive spirit that resides in all of us. Thinking critically and problem solving lies at the basis for all of STEM fields and is a skill that can always use crafting and refining.