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Small Business & COVID-19

The economic disequilibrium caused by COVID-19 has impacted business of all types and sizes, worldwide. Learn more about how some businesses in the United States have been affected, and how ethics have been involved with making decisions during this economic crisis.

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In making decisions during COVID-19, Soldan and Fusion Connect have focused on RESPECT. Respecting customers, respecting employees, and respecting equity investors and lenders.

About Fusion Connect

Keith Soldan is the CFO of Fusion Connect. Fusion Connect is a cloud communications company that provides communication services from copper line wire telephone services to hosted voice and cloud services. Fusion Connect’s revenue is approximately half a billion dollars, and around $90 million in adjusted EBITDA, their proxy for profit. Fusion Connect has roughly 1,000 employees and are located in 2 different countries – Canada and the United States. Roughly 20% of revenue is generated in Canada, and the remaining 80% is generated in the United States. Within the United States, Fusion Connect operates in 22 different states.

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