Politics Track

Contact Your Senator

The United States is set up such that politicians are supposed to work for their constituents. For politicians to do their job correctly, they have to know what their voters want. Every voter has a right to seek the kind of representation that they desire. Most voters don’t realize how much power they actually have. When a politician gets a call from a passionate voter who is adamant about positive change in their community, it makes a difference. When they get 50 calls, it makes an even bigger difference. Now, here is your chance to tell your politicians what you want them to do. Below you will find a current list of all of the US senators as of June, 2020. In this list, you can find three different ways to reach out to them. Once you have found your state senator, contact them and ask them about how ethics plays a role in their life. If you don’t agree with the way they’ve done some things in the past, invite them to focus on making changes to become more ethical. I promise, it won’t take you  too long, and if enough of us do it they will realize that we want to see a change in our society.