Meet The Fellows: Brooke Edgerton

The first time I was introduced to the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Principles was in a business law course at the University of Denver. The eight principles can apply to both business and personal conduct and are essential for leading an ethical life.

Two main principles that I incorporate into my daily life are integrity and accountability. Incorporating these principles has added value to my education and time at DU.

As a student, I often have papers and projects that require secondary research. Integrity is crucial because it’s important to be honest when completing work and giving credit where it’s due. When writing papers on ideas that are not my own, I make sure that I give credit to the authors and cite where the information came from so that the credit is correctly given to the original contributor.

Accountability is the other principle that I incorporate into my academic life. Whether it be working as part of a team or as an individual, it’s important to me that I hold myself accountable for my responsibilities and make sure I follow through on my commitments. Being accountable is needed in both the business and personal world because it creates trust and respect between people.

At DU, I am majoring in Communication Studies. In this program, I have learned about qualitative research and the ethical concerns and expectations when conducting research. Ethics are especially important when conducting human-based research that involves participants.

Conducting human-based research such as ethnographies, which are when researchers interact and observe the test subject’s real-life environment, is another way in which I have incorporated these principles into my life. When interviewing and interacting with people as a researcher, it’s important to accept responsibility for decisions made during the research.

For example, I have learned in my classes when interviewing participants, to accept responsibility for asking questions and using the answers given by the participants. I then ensure that they agree with the information that is being used in the research. It’s very important to be honest and transparent with the participants throughout the entire research process.

Circling back to the other principle I practice in my daily life; integrity is also a big part of research because I should be honest and truthful, so that other people who work with the research have an accurate understanding of the information.

All in all, the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Principles have guided me through my studies at DU, especially as a Communication Studies major. Integrity and accountability are just two of the principles that I have incorporated into my life as a DU student that I will take into my life beyond the University of Denver.

About the Author:

Brooke Edgerton is a Management student at the Daniels College of Business with a minor in Finance and a double major in Communication Studies in the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences. Brooke plans to complete her degree within the next year and work in the consulting industry upon graduation. She is also becoming a Daniels College of Business Ethics Fellow and hopes to share her interest in ethics with those around her. Brooke enjoys music, reading and crafting.


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