Politics Track

The Politics of the Pandemic

Are politicians handling the COVID-19 crisis in an ethical manner?

This discussion below highlights the opinions of two professionals in the legal world regarding this complicated question.

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“Are politicians behaving ethically? I think we need to narrow down what we mean by ethically. Whether or not they are behaving ethically is going to depend on your notion of what is ethical

 -Professor K

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“There is something to this that is not just health related” 

-Professor C

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"You should look out for the greatest good for the greatest number-that would mean open up. But, you should also realize the intrinsic value of human beings which means be careful

-Professor C


“This feels like everyone is just making it up as they go along and it's really frustrating.”

-Professor K

The following video is a recording of a discussion moderated by two students from the University of Denver Daniels Ethics Fellows course. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the participants are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views, policies or positions of, or any endorsement by, any other person or institution.

People in this video

Madi Alder Political Science student at the University of Denver
Doug Peterson | Construction Management student at the University of Denver
Mr. Corey Ciocchetti | Professor of Business Ethics and Legal Studies at the University of Denver and former colleague and peer of Mr. Albert Kovacs
Mr. Albert Kovacs | Las Vegas based corporate lawyer and former colleague and peer of Mr. Corey Ciocchetti