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The Master Builder

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Ethics in Construction

Jim Lindsey is a builder, developer, owner, consultant, and owner’s representative who has spent a lifetime creating built environments of enduring quality. Jim’s presentation tracks the evolution of the world and how development of civilization coincided with the rise and fall of the master builder concept. Jim proposes that, through a focus on ethics in the industry, we can return to as close as possible to the master builder prestige and regain footing as a noble profession.

The Master Builder: A Once Noble Profession

Jim Lindsey

Jim Lindsey

Jim Lindsey, a native Texan, grew up with an appreciation for the basic values of hard work, integrity, and respect. His life’s work includes both horizontal and vertical projects as builder, developer, owner, consultant, and owner’s representative. Jim served as the President and Board Chairman of a Colorado Metropolitan District where he consulted for the FDIC, FSLIC and the State Banking Commission during the financial crisis of the late 1980’s. More recently he has been a professional consultant for several different private sector clients. Jim was a founding member of the American Institute of Constructors and has been a member of the Urban Land Institute, Associated General Contractors of America, and National Homebuilders Association of America. Jim’s life mission is to create built environments of enduring quality that enrich the lives of those who inhabit these spaces, and to help others learn the importance of responsible and sustainable real estate development and construction practices. 

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