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Coin & Ghost: A New  Approach to Theater

Join Zach Davidson as he discusses the process of building your own company in the arts and the challenges that come along with it. Zach is the founding artistic director of Coin and Ghost Theatre Company, a Los Angeles-based theatre company known for its imaginative remixing of known mythologies. By sharing his unique story and discussing how to overcome the feelings of not being heard or respected in the art community, Zach illustrates how ethics plays an integral role in the professional field.

Highlights from the videos you are about to experience: 

As artists, we have the social responsibility to use our platform to make change - to use our platform to advocate for each other and for the issues that matter to us.

Once you have the trust of your audience, or your partner, you can go on whatever journey you want - as a storyteller, as a collaborator, as a human.

"You can treat your artists with respect. You can build trust. You can be open and transparent in the way that you run the company. Not only will this not sacrifice the product, but the art will actually be stronger as a result.

The artists and the company are not here to serve me. I am here in service of Coin & Ghost, the mission, our artists, and the work that we are trying to do -- and that matters to me.

Coin and Ghost

Zach Davidson

COVID-19 Effects on Theater

Zach Davidson

Zach Davidson

Zachary Reeve Davidson is the Founding Artistic Director of Coin & Ghost, with whom he has remixed Shakespeare, Greek tragedy, Italian romance, Mexican folklore, German legend, French opera, and American mythology.
In his “spare time,” Zach is a frequent collaborator with Not Man Apart, Salty Shakespeare, the Speakeasy Society, Rebel Mars, and Theatricum Botanicum. He is a sought-after Arts Marketing expert, consulting and creating with organizations all over Los Angeles. Zach produced over 125 projects as a curator for the CalArts New Works Festival, was a Young Playwright’s National Finalist for his play Amsterdam; or Loving George, and served as Shakespeare Santa Monica’s youngest-ever Associate Artistic Director. He was born and raised in Denver, CO, and is a proud graduate of the CalArts BFA Acting program.

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