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Driverless Mobility

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Ethics of Driverless Mobility

Over the past few years, Prof. Levine Segev has committed her attention to an evolving issue that holds a special place in her heart as a mother. As technology advances, our means of transportation is one of the areas of focus. With the future of transportation becoming more advanced and safer for everyone in public, it is easy to understand why this topic deserves so much attention. This lecture begins with a background in what driverless cars are all about. She finishes by posing questions regarding the ethical implications of this futuristic technology. Her application of ethical principles on top of the technical breakdown is extremely thought provoking regarding the uncertain future. Enjoy!

(Just a few of the) Ethical Implications of Driverless Mobility

Prof. Libbi Levine Segev

Prof. Libbi Levine Segev

Prof. Levine Segev is an assistant teaching professor in the Daniels College of Business, Business Ethics and Legal Studies department. She is an expert in both the field of law and real estate. 

Prof. Levine Segev graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. She attained a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Denver and a Legum Magister from New York University with concentrations in taxation and real property. She also has obtained a Master’s Degree in Real Estate and Construction Management from the Daniels College of Business.