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Inside The Ethics of Dance 

Have you ever learned about ethical dilemmas faced within the dance industry? Now is your chance. Katie is the owner and artistic director of That’s the Pointe Dance Studio in Chelsea, Alabama. She has been running her dance studio for over 8 years and has about 95 to 140 students each season. She talks about how she wants her studio to be a safe environment for her dancers and about the mental and physical values that dance can add to your life. 

That's The Pointe

Katie Alder

Katie Hansen-Alder

Katie Hansen-Alder
Katie owns and operates her national award winning studio "That's the Pointe" in Chelsea, Alabama. She promotes a positive and SPARKLY environment for her students to learn in while focusing on correct technique. Working with several theater groups, she continues to learn and develop a musical theater program that promotes and supports schools through out all of Alabama. Katie is a classically trained ballet dancer and former dancer with Ballet West. Her love of dance is something that she hopes to inspire in the next generation of dancers.