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The Ethics Fellows

Four years ago, Professor Corey Ciocchetti introduced a new experiential course to the University of Denver: The DU Ethics Fellows. The 10-week course is aimed at creating a space for students to grapple with ethics in today's challenging world, and apply complex ethical principles instead of just learning about them.

We are 33 undergraduate students at the University of Denver from various majors, backgrounds, and interests. Every year, the Ethics Fellows develop and execute two events designed to share ethics with the greater community. This year, adjusting to the unprecedented circumstances, we have shifted our event to a completely digital format allowing us to expand our impact, personalize the experience, and create one of the most engaging displays of modern ethics from the comfort of your own home. Through months of hard work and dedication, the 2020 Ethics Fellows present Ethics in a Modern World.


The Ethics Fellows wish to give our gratitude and thanks to Bethany Kalenga, Corey Ciocchetti, Josh Roberts, Lydia Patton, Mia Sundstrom, Nikol Harder and Scott Southworth for proving us with guidance and leadership throughout this process.

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Meet The Fellows

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Art Track

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Mollie Cantor

Image from iOS (7).jpg

William Calix


Olivia Marshall

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Catherine Schroeder


Business Track

Brooke Edgerton.jpeg

Brooke Edgerton


Tiffany Le


Amanda Martinez

16 (1).jpg

Trevor Page

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Emily Sandberg


Daniel Volin


Georgia Kyriacou

Politics Track

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Elyse Majeski

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Annie Matsusaka

Image from iOS (8).jpg

Madi Adler

STEM Track

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Doug Peterson


Joey Wegmiller

Marketing Team

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Mariah Medina

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Brennden Prohaska


McKenna Sandoval

DU GYM Headshot.jpg

AK Subject

Technology Team


Emma Bliwas

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Andrew Davis


Jules Paul


Ava Rogers


Hridith Sudev

Image from iOS (6).jpg

Nicole Stefani

Editorial Team


Cheyenne Bauer

Image from iOS (9).jpg

Mia Bennett

Finance Team


Riley George


Rebecca Shagrin


Megan Wardeberg